Oct 9, 2014

Plein Sud, 1997

Milla Jovovich photographed by Stephane Sendaoui for Plein Sud, 1997 / via

Sep 30, 2014


I loved this documentary about how ballet shoes are crafted. The industrious shoemaker Pat demonstrates such incredible diligence and passion. I feel so romantic about this idea that in searching for an industry to participate in, it is possible that you could somehow stumble on one so apt and dignified. I want to excel at my work and take great pride in the things that I do. This is what I am looking for.

Sep 26, 2014

Pairs [no. 2]

Time for another installment of Pairs! This ongoing piece is an exploration of how I consume and process associative media. This project is representative of the way I mentally archive and enjoy images. It's like playing a matching game with myself - I get really excited when I find an image that resembles one I know I've seen before... somewhere... so I go off and track it down, and then put them together. [Pairs no.1]


Sep 12, 2014


carrie fisher behind the scenes, empire strikes back, star wars, jaba the hut outfit, bikini, sun-bathing with stunt double on set in the desert
Carrie Fisher with her Stunt Double on the set of Empire Strikes Back (1980) / via

Sep 10, 2014


wren red cropped turtleneck, bonadrag, stuffeddoggie, self-portrait, creepy
Me, sitting at my electric organ in a dim but
cozy lounge full of frisky happy-hour goblins.

Sep 8, 2014

Milla Animal Féminin

Once upon a time on the internet, I ran across a picture of whom I thought to be Milla Jovovich wearing brown makeup and some tiny orange getup while acting like a wild animal. It was so weird. The image made me laugh and I couldn't forget it. I finally tracked down all the pages to this amazing shoot and can now put all the pieces together - here is Milla Jovovich photographed by Anette Aurell for Jalouse Magazine [issue#2 June/July 1997]. Maybe someday I'll translate the article (pg.1, pg.2). Other credits look to be: Bathing Suit / Vivienne Westwood, Makeup / Rosemarie Swift, Hair / Johnathan Connelly, Stylist / Annett Monheim.

Cool how you can see a YSL advert on the reverse side of one of the pages. I love magazines.

Aug 22, 2014

Treasure Trash

I found theses treasures while digging a hole.
1 Toy Boat
1 Summit Bar (best before '83)
Summit Bar wrapper, orange and yellow, buried plastic candy wrapper after 30 years, found buried toy boat, trash treasure, child's discarded things found years later while digging a hole

Aug 21, 2014

Sweater Island

Laura Kampman photographed by Laurie Bartley for Elle (UK), Sept. 2014, black and white scottland, knitted bell-bottom flare pants, matching sweater pants and top
Laura Kampman photographed by Laurie Bartley for Elle (UK), Sept. 2014 / via

Scott Trindle
By Scott Trindle for V Spain / via

Angela Lindvall by Peter Lindbergh for W Magazine, 1997, girl sitting by sidewalk in city, 90's, pleated white skirt,
Angela Lindvall by Peter Lindbergh for W Magazine, 1997 / via

Jul 25, 2014


plaitnum hair, girl short hair, androgeny, dark brows, wet hair, aveda bleached hair
plaitnum hair, girl short hair, androgeny, dark brows, wet hair, aveda bleached hair

This week I sprained my ankle, forced plenty of rest, applied arnica and ice approx. 400 times, soaked in Epsom Salts, wrote a letter, read This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki & Jillian Tamaki twice, and bleached my hair blonde.

Jul 20, 2014


Fruitfly season is upon us. Don't find yourself unprepared! Take action with my handy guide and learn how to create the most kick-ass Fruitfly traps known to man.

stuffeddoggie art, illustrated guide to making a fruitfly trap, best fruitfly trap, most effective diy fruit-fly trap, humane, cheap

There you have it. A tiny little fruitfly hotel. It really is fascinating how effectively these traps work. Watching them fill up is almost as interesting as observing ants disassemble a dead bee. I typically release the fruitflies in the wild, but if you'd like to make their stay more... terminal... add a drop of dish detergent to the vinegar to break the surface tension of the liquid and they'll drown in sweet oblivion. Happy hunting!

Jul 18, 2014

Red no.7

Mia Wasikowska in Interview magazine editorial. wrinkles, no eyebrows, bleached eyebrows, dusty rose red lips, lipstick. Styling by Karl Templer, photography by Craig McDean muted pallette.
Styling by Karl Templer, photography by Craig McDean / via
My current color treasure hunt is this red on Mia Wasikowska's lips from the August 2014 issue of Interview magazine. I've found it on dusty old dried roses hanging in closets... now, tell me: WHERE oh WHERE does it exist in a lipstick tube? Hmmmm?
I'm not huge on buying and having lots of things, but necessity means I do go hunting from time to time. My wardrobe staples wear out so infrequently and I usually fix them when they do, so I seldom need to replace my major players. Thinking on it, the way I approach building a wardrobe is actually more akin to the acquisitions of professional hockey teams. My current overcoat's contract is up next winter. She's won me many Stanley Cups and I believe the league should retire her number after she leaves. The hunt for a rookie replacement will be an exciting chase - I've been scouting a few talented players from the remotest islands in Canada.
In the meantime I'll just stick to making little fruitfly traps and putting them near my garbage can. 

Jun 27, 2014

Porch of Avalon

Stuffeddoggie, porch, sunny summer afternoon, peony bouquet, campari, sunglasses, Mists of Avalon, quiet porch day

Currently reading Mists Of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Currently sipping Campari + Soda. It smells like Peonies, Grass, Tar, and Homefries. There is some Yellow Pollen in my sweater. It sounds like Birds. I can hear the Neighborhood all around me.

May 1, 2014

Gr8 Cranberry

I took a trip to the outer islands with a friend this week. It's always windy out there and most everyone is related in some respect. The ground has been softening into a nice mud so, needless to say, the noisy duck population is thrilled! We shared some wine with lunch and spent the afternoon looking after the animals and scrooming around in a rattly golf-cart.

Apr 28, 2014

Pretty Green

Here we go!

Stepan Kolesnikoff "Spring Blooms"
Jean Cooke "When the Wind Blows My Garden"

Apr 15, 2014

Fall 2014

It's SPRING, but that certainly hasn't kept me from admiring all the Pre-Fall / Fall 2014 collections this year! Springtime where I live is notoriously long and brown and I find these outfits highly applicable to 'mud-season'. For me, spring un-earths gigantic new impulses and and points-of-reference so quickly, I can scarcely keep up. This year, I am definitely riffing on some sort of medieval druid meets cyber-warrior thing. I'm not sure where it's going yet... If you need me, I'll be out in the peat bog wearing a pair of platform sneakers.

Tibi, Pre-Fall 2014

Elizabeth and James, Pre-Fall 2014

Acne Studios, Pre-Fall 2014

Creatures of Comfort, Fall RTW 2014

Creatures of Comfort, Fall RTW 2014

A Détacher, Fall RTW 2014

Calvin Klein, Pre-Fall 2014

The Row, Pre-Fall 2014

The Row, Pre-Fall 2014