Jan 23, 2014

The Space Lady

With the voice of a crystal bell chiming in outer space, Susan Dietrich aka Suzy Sounds aka The Space Lady, is street-music legend!  Equipped with her Casiotone and signature winged helmet, Suzy emitted extra-terrestrial harmonies throughout the streets of 1970's Boston and 80's San Fransisco. Ms. Soundz has recently emerged from retirement to compile an amazing album with Night School Records (digital) (vinyl).
Of her early street sets, only one recording was made, self-released originally on cassette and then transferred to a home-made CD. "The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits"(LSSN021) features the best of these recordings - mostly covers but with some originals. via Night School

For further reading check out The Space Lady in Dazed Digital and at Boing Boing.

Jan 21, 2014

Strange Voyage

Mid-century illustrator Peter P. Plasencia had an great eye for storytelling and perspective. His illustrations for Jules Verne: The Man Who Invented the Future (1964) by Franz Born are so engaging. I love how a perfect little stippling of gouache can render so many different shades and shadows. I love them all, but my favorite is the one with two men dashing downhill.

via brain pickings

Jan 18, 2014

Very Special Gift

I have no words. I can't believe it! Froghammer made me this!:

Jan 11, 2014


I love to see the insides of a final product! So, needless to say, I am utterly amazed at this eight hour behind-the-scenes SHOWstudio production of a full work-day on the set of W Magazine's October 2012 editorial "Sweet Escape". Also, I am totally fascinated with this simple observational style of cinéma vérité.

It's refreshing to see a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the fashion world without all the stupid vanity and frenetic post-production riffs, soundbites, and quick cuts. I am interested in fashion culture well enough, but what I most appreciate is its craft. Editorials are vast appreciations of clothing as art. This is what I love about fashion: the ways that we present, admire, and wear clothes.

      (via SHOWstudio):
      "Karlie Kloss dies an elegant death in Nick Knight and Edward Enninful's arresting couture editorial for W Magazine. The pair drew inspiration from the kind of macabre, nightmarish illustrations that litter childhood fiction, offering up a vision which is part Grimm's fairy tale part mature Parisian opulence. The final images - which see Kloss clad in the best haute couture from A/W 2012, including pieces by Dior, Givenchy, Chanel and Iris Van Herpen - straddle dark and light, combining symbolism that is both sweet and sinister.
      Continuing his exploration of contrasts, Knight juxtaposes the delicate vintage-look images with pithy modern 'death app' films that see Kloss suffer various violent deaths, all while clad in couture. The striking images in this editorial mark of the start of Knight's investigation into fashion illustration."

Jan 5, 2014

Pairs [no.1]

It's a new year! For your enjoyment... here are four pairs of pictures! I'll be doing little installments like these throughout the year - I tend to try and associate images with others when I see them, so this little project is sort-of a representation of the way I mentally archive and enjoy media.

two unknown girls standing with arms on eachother's backs. winter, snow, forest. neon yellow, white, and reflective gray tracksuits, low-res
behind the scenes of WEIRD GIRLS ep.7 by Sara Vilbergs, Iceland. pink bodysuits, two girls dressed in white with esoteric hats, glacier, weird neon pair

four asian men dressed in yellow, standing in front of yellow sportscars, spiky hair, 2000's
Girls in almost-matching yellow outfits, leaning on a red sportscar, 90's, chunky sneakers, long hair

Zuma Series (1977) by John Divola, post-hurricane sunset through battered windows, beautiful abandoned house, torn gold curtains
Zuma Series (1977) by John Divola, post-hurricane sunset through battered windows, beautiful abandoned house, torn gold curtains

shoes by Martiniano Lopez for MARTINIANO, girls legs in leather slippers, blue background
From Russia With Love, James Bond gadget, shoes, 60's black oxford shoes, female assassin, Rosa Klebb, Lotte Lenya, pufferfish poison

1: unknown via bolshenebudet
2: WEIRD GIRLS ep.7 by Sara Vilbergs
3: unknown
4: unknown
5: Zuma Series (1977) by John Divola
Zuma Series (1977) by John Divola
7: shoes by Martiniano Lopez for MARTINIANO
8: Lotte Lenya in From Russia With Love (1963)