Apr 15, 2015

Drug Busts

Lewiston, Maine Drug Bust / MDEA (via)
Brunswick, Maine Drug Bust / MDEA (via)
East Madison, Maine Drug Bust / Somerset County Sheriff's Office (via)
It occurred to me this morning as I flipped through my local paper that I love drug bust contraband photos.

First of all, how much thought goes into setting up the photo? Do police stations have special areas set aside for these pictures? Does some dummy try to set the shot up in a dim corner when another officer intervenes "The light is much better there over by the coffee maker."? Does the task default to an officer with artistic prowess like a waiter whose knack for drawing lands him the task of scribbling daily specials on the patio blackboard? Were any of these pictures taken with a cellphone? I especially like the second photo because you can see the photographer's shoes.

I also enjoy drug bust photos because they document a bunch of someone's stuff that was very recently taken away. The people whose possessions are documented here remind me of squirrels.

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