Feb 21, 2013


      Every season, T Magazine captures fascinating transformations of naked-faced models into aesthetic beauties in a feature they call "Model-Morposis".  What is most enthralling to me is the interface of the two before and after photographs; you move a slider bar across the images to reveal the fascinatingly beautiful work of amazing makeup and hair artists.
Featured below is a screen-grab of Sigrid Agren at Jean Paul Gaultier, Fall 2012 Couture. (original post ➜ featuring transformation feature). Makeup by Stephanie Marais. Hair by Odile Gilbert.

Feb 18, 2013

And Everything Nice

      Sugar and Spice! This is an awesome behind-the-scenes photo of the Spice Girls on the set of their music video "Say You'll Be There". Also, how awesome is the harmonica solo in the middle of this song? I'm not even kidding... To just, like, totally nerd out on the 90's right now - lazy harmonica seemed to be everywhere - and it expecially reminds me of the soundtrack of one of my favorite video games of all time: The Legend of Dragoon (1999).

The Spice Girls behind-the-scenes on set of their music video for "Say You'll Be There", Mojave Desert - September 1996. Candid, Beautiful! Chunky platform many-janes, Baby Spice, Little Black Dresses, Ginger Spice in Latex Leather in tall red boots, Sporty Spice as a techno-warrior in the shadows!
The Spice Girls on set, Mojave Desert - Sept. 1996 via Spice Freak Out

      Also? There's this little beauty. I've always loved this picture. What is the deal? While searching for this photo's back-story, I ran across this lovingly (creepily?) compiled and fascinatingly thorough Female Celebrity Smoking List. I do love a great archive. Especially a totally weird one.
The Spice Girls smoking cigarettes behind-the-scenes dressed as school girls. Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Victoria Adams, Melanie Brown / Mel B - Posh, Sporty, Baby, Ginger

Who is your favorite Spice Girl?