Jul 25, 2015

Home Garden

flower garden strawberry accent, little strawberries after rainstorm, maine gardening
maine garden, dead iris flowers, old iris blooms, bearded iris
maine garden after rainstorm, twilight, fog, little cat, orange cat, looking into house at night
erika flynn, boijer, flynn flynn, capote sweatshirt, self portrait, maine, after rainstorm
Lilac blooms fallen to the ground, a carpet of fallen lilac blooms after a rainstorm, maine, garden, twilight

I love the time of year when the lilacs leave thick mats of fallen blooms on the ground. This spring carpet is a fine luxury. I leave the irises as their blooms fall away - their stalks and molting brown petals are so enchanting. The night I took these photos was heavy with the damp - it was low tide and I could smell the wet seaweed on the beach all the way down the block.

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