Nov 17, 2015

Matahdatah, Zaouli, Kankudai, Pancakes, Farm Boy

I love this audio/visual project so much (more information). Also, M.I.A. had most everything to do with concept and production. It really gets my heart racing. She even has some Zaouli dance in there (remember?)!!
M.I.A.'s music is so dear to me. Her album Kala was the soundtrack I used as a line cook years ago. Her tempo and stories sped the whole team up with a unity and importance that I had never before experienced as a person assembling things for my money. Her music made our repetitive work as a group lyrical and important. Hot kitchen!

You spend all this time doing something, and then you become expert - sometimes / most of the time / your expertise is actually just an afterthought of the thousands of hours spent having to make money for yourself. Watching these amazing working people fills me with respect and really makes me think... I should stop wasting time. It is so scary knowing that if I has spent as many hours on what I most want to do more than anything, that I could already be pretty good at it. All panic aside, I really have no regrets for my time spent. Everything I have done up until every moment has been like a drip in a cave - and so I am basically an approximation of a human stalagmite. This goes for you too! I promise to try and document my journey with honesty, and frequently.

Anyways. Onwards!

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