Aug 19, 2015

"Drinking cup (kylix) with erotic scene"

Taken at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston USA
I spent a few hours exploring the Boston Museum of Fine Art's Greek pottery collections this past weekend. I particularly liked this piece. It's crazy how old these objects are and how useful they were in their time. My companion Ian was able to weave the ancient stories to me as we investigated the pieces. Fascinating and beautiful on so may levels.
A bearded man bends over a woman with short hair (which may indicate her status as a slave). She braces herself on the stool in front of her which has lion-paw feet and various things piled on top of it, including her clothes. To the left is a couch (kline) which has an elaborately carved post with ionic volutes. An overstuffed striped cushion tops the kline. 
"the girl is pretty"
(HE PAIS KALE) (above their heads), and "Hold still!" (HEXE HESUXOS) (issuing from the man's mouth) ΗΕΠΑΙΣΚΑΛΕ ΗΕΧΕΗΣΥΧΟΣ (via)

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