Sep 15, 2015


I am sick, it's just a cold. I am trying to memorize all the discomforts - the ache of my hips and the pain of holding my head up. It's a labor to do anything. I am so thankful for my health. I am in disbelief at how easy it feels to be when you're well and why is this something I always forget to note except for when I am truly well-fed and sublimely happy?
There was a car crash on the Island tonight and somebody died. Whenever I hear the Life Flight helicopter thumping overhead to land on the ballfields I pay a moment to acknowledge that somebody is having possibly the worst or even the last day of their life. I wish for a stronger culture of empathy in our communities. A moment for the anonymous soul.
For all this doom and gloom, I promise I really am doing quite well. I have decided to start working on making dresses. I will call the brand Böijer after a silly nickname I have. It's a beginning, at least.