Feb 26, 2015


I wonder if my neighbors ever watch me exercise? I mostly dance after dark so I can use my windows as big mirrors. I don't mind being a weird person that does that thing because, whether we realize it or not, we all need people like that in our lives.
I am still uncomfortable with the idea of visiting the community gym. My job demands that I spend a lot of my time on display. When I'm at work, I feel like a hamster who's cage doesn't have a hut. In my private time, I much rather engage in situations that don't demand convivial banter.

Feb 24, 2015

Chocolate Box

I made this giant chocolate box.
There is about four feet of snow on the ground right now.

Feb 17, 2015

Chickadee Hill Flowers

Winter has got a lockjaw on the island right now and she is not letting go anytime soon. Winter reminds me of playing fetch with dog who won't give up her fetching stick. Once you do succeed in chucking her stick as far as you can, she brings it right back to you and refuses to give it up again. It takes so much effort to thrive during winter. The summer is short. Summer is salvation.

Gazing at these absolutely exquisite flower arrangements from my pal Chickadee Hill Flowers has been like medicine. Her work is beyond superb. Not only is she a brilliant artist, she also grows most of her materials (an appreciable task!). Maybe they will fill you with as much awe and hope as they have me. I can hardly remember what it feels like to have full sunshine beating down on my back as I turn warm fragrant soil with fork.

by Wylde Photography

Here's a picture of all of us on a lunch break during one of our biggest flower arranging gigs of the summer. As tight as our schedule was, we still found time to have some lunch in the sunshine.

Feb 5, 2015

Christophe Lemaire, Pre-Fall 2015

I love the lighting in this shoot. It has a strength to it that I can't quite describe. The cold and salty wet feeling from the sea helps put me right into these big jackets. Given that I live in a landscape much like the one depicted here, I really appreciate the juxtaposition of these clothes and the elements. This entire collection is wonderful - here are my favorites:

*The photographer and model are currently unknown to me.
I will update as soon as I find out.