Dec 17, 2014

Put me in, Coach

Kirsten Owen in 'Sportswear', Marie Claire Germany Nov. 1993 (via)
Who says you need to wear "exercise clothes" to work out? Theoretically, if you're exercising in something it then becomes exercise clothes? I really like this outfit because it's got the appropriate stuffeddoggie 2/3 ratio; two things one way, one thing the other. In this case,  you've raided a huge football player's duffel, stolen his underwear and track bottoms, and replaced them with your own skirt and stockings. He will be so surprised when he goes to get dressed for practice. You can watch his reaction via military binoculars from a mossy hillside .4 km away.

Dec 14, 2014

Maine Hockey

Umaine Black Bears Hockey 2014, vs. University of Vermont UVM

I went up to Black Bears hockey game at UMaine last week.
We lost to University Of Vermont
I love the smell of hockey rings - to me, the ice has a large soft fragrance that chills your cheeks and sticks in your clothes. Up close, you can smell the boys' hockey pads. In person, the game feels so different. I love the loud ting of a puck hitting the post. When a shot rockets into the wall, you can feel the resounding crack all through the arena.

Dec 12, 2014

Leo and Diane Dillon

These are two of the most impressionable book covers from my youth. The artwork of Leo and Diane Dillon is really fantastic. I love how certain aspects of these designs echo Japanese paintings illuminated like ancient European manuscripts. Through Leo and Diane's powers of illustration, you are preemptively thrilled by Lirael and Sabriel's strange and ambiguous danger. I was so eager to explore these worlds as a little girl. Maybe someday I'll pick these books up again. Also, how cool are those tunics and bandolier?

1995 (via)

2001 (via)

Dec 2, 2014


Adelaïde Hall - Creole Love Call, with Duke Ellington and his orchestra (1927).
What a lady. I love this song for Adelaïde's lilt and lustful churning. Ai ya.