Sep 13, 2013


      Got some emerald green hair going on this fall! OO-DE-LALLY. I can't take any credit for this coif - my stylist is an amazing colorist and a very intuitive person who is expert at taking vague cues like: emeralds and jewels stuck to a sleeping dragon's belly and turning them into something like this.

Aveda Pure tone color GREEN and BLUE, bleached and then dyed to a deep green-blue lustre. Ashy green hair, blue-green hair, silver-green hair, Aveda colored hair, jewel-tone hair, Emerald green, dusty green hair, deep green
      Are you considering wearing jewel-toned hair? Go for it, friends and pals! Because, why not? I think you'd look lovely in Lapis Lazuli. It's like Queen Ru Paul says:
"When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do." 

Color achieved in two steps using the Aveda color system: first, bleached out to a very pale yellow and then dyed back to a deep luster with Pure Tone green with a touch of blue.