Jan 4, 2013


      I love this picture of teenage Lady Diana Spencer on a Swiss ski vacation. I wonder if she drank from that bottle of Johnny Walker? Who is her SKI BOB and what is he reading? This picture was taken about a year before she met Prince Charles.

young teenage Lady Diana Spencer rests with friends on a Swiss ski vacation, parties with wiskey, plays pranks, yound Princess Diana, life before Charles. Purchased by the Daily Mirror two days after her engagement to Charles, Prince of Wales, went unpublished.  the editor has written 'not to be published' in grease-pen

      Two days after their engagement, the Daily Mirror purchased this photo from a scandal-monger. The editor decided to nix it from publication and I like to imagine that their grease-pen veto came straight from the teenage Diana herself. Puhhh-leeeeasuh. Really? Put this one in the archives, geezer.

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