Jan 14, 2013

Jaunts, Janvier

      Lovely day for a walk today!  The snow was smoking in the sunshine and the high tide foamed up to my muddy boot-tips.  I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful place and am especially thankful for my legs, soft gray sweater, and thick wool overcoat.

New england woods, deciduous and coniferous forest, warm winter day, fog in the woods, snow-smoke, misty woods, winter in Maine
rocky cliffs, ocean cliffs in Maine, new england, foamy waves breaking at the foot of the cliffs, January ocean, cold ocean
new england, green sea, clear water, you can see the bottom, winter ocean, fridgid waters, foamy waves, Maine, Downeast Maine


  1. I liked your instagram comment about "this is where milk comes from"... :)

    ~Dan (earfdae)

    1. thanks, earfdae! It's true, you know.