Sep 8, 2014

Milla Animal Féminin

Once upon a time on the internet, I ran across a picture of whom I thought to be Milla Jovovich wearing brown makeup and some tiny orange getup while acting like a wild animal. It was so weird. The image made me laugh and I couldn't forget it. I finally tracked down all the pages to this amazing shoot and can now put all the pieces together - here is Milla Jovovich photographed by Anette Aurell for Jalouse Magazine [issue#2 June/July 1997]. Maybe someday I'll translate the article (pg.1, pg.2). Other credits look to be: Bathing Suit / Vivienne Westwood, Makeup / Rosemarie Swift, Hair / Johnathan Connelly, Stylist / Annett Monheim.

Cool how you can see a YSL advert on the reverse side of one of the pages. I love magazines.

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