Jul 30, 2013

Coke Weed

      I would like to take a moment to introduce you to Coke Weed. They're, well, what is their genre? Fuzz rock? Surf-wave? Like, Cheech pulling over in a low-rider to give Chong-in-drag a ride ["Hey double bubble!]?  Who cares. Anyways, I like them alot - and you should give them a listen!

     Coke Weed's main vocals, provided by Nina D., are big and languorous - like heavy 1960's vogue eyelids at noon. As an ensemble, they sound like the reminisce of a beat up suitcase in the back of a doorless van. The best part is - Coke Weed's nostalgic sound is a buddy road-trip. They don't, like, fly solo, man.

The Coke Weed Rockers, photo by Jarly Bobadilla
The Coke Weed rockers, photo by Jarly Bobadilla

Nina D. of Coke Weed
Nina D., from CokeWeed.com

     Here's their third and latest album Back To The Soft (2013):

      I hold an endless summer in my heart all the live-long Maine winter.
      Coke Weed: soundcloud, web, store, youtube

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