Dec 14, 2012


      Here she is, the queen of Iceland! Björk Guðmundsdóttir! When the days are so dark and short up here on the island I start eating lots of gjetost and lighting candles all the time.
      Björk's 1992 MTV Cribs house-tour of her Icelandic nest is awesome. She has this enormous and beautifully modern chandelier with blue taper candles in her living-room. As she lights the candles for the camera she chirrps and trills:
"I think this big room definitely needs a center-point, you know? And a light in the middle... I think chandelier is a heart of every home and in the winter its, like, dark - It's dark almost twenty hours a day. It's quite amazing how these candles can - they actually [light] up the whole flat and in a nice kind of way."
       I love how her possessions have been curated.  Everything is special!

Bjork 1992 MTV Cribs house tour lighting her the blue candles on her chandelier

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