Sep 30, 2012

Behind the Polyester Curtain

      I really like seeing replications of clinical portraits set next to each other - Watching my mom snip apart my creepily stoic school photos to gift them to my cartel of adoring childhood fans (Grandmaw and Grandpaw stuffeddoggie) always made me cringe. These pictures were all taken with different intentions but they seem to have that same quality of stare.

grid of photos for a visa extension
Some street photobooth pictures for a visa extension. Private

"Self portrait at 17 years old"  (2007) by Gillian Wearing
"Self portrait at 17 years old"  (2007) by Gillian Wearing

ID Photo
"ID photo" by Emma Ross

90's passport photos
"Passport photos at 15, 17, 18" by becstarr

a family of passport photos
"Family Passport Photos" by supernab

passport photo
"buddy icon" by friedkampes

a grid of passport photos
"Passport Photographs" by Rie Louise

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